In 1979, Dr. Werner Walch founded the law firm Dr. Werner Walch, based in 1010 Vienna. Over the years, this law firm became one of the leading law firms in the fields of aviation, transport and railway infrastructure law.

In 2004, long-time associate Maria Zehetbauer joined the firm as a partner, followed by long-time associate Wolfgang Motter as a further partner in 2015, who together with Dr. Werner Walch founded Walch/Zehetbauer/Motter Rechtsanwälte OG and further expanded the firm.  In 2021, Dr. Walch retired as an attorney-at-law, but continues to be available to the law firm with his expertise and decades of experience.

The law firm has always specialised in providing legal services to well-known transport insurance companies, forwarding and freight companies as well as airlines and railway companies, and has also provided legal support for many of Austria’s largest infrastructure projects.

The firm also assists small and medium-sized enterprises in commercial matters.

Specialist publications and seminars with direct practical relevance are also offered.

The legal services offered by the law firm are constantly being expanded through the legal specialisation of the team. The firm’s permanent area of activity currently also includes the support of property developers as well as tenancy and real estate law.

The firm is also regularly involved in high-profile cases that have led to legal representation before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.